Matthias Minihold

PhD student in Cryptology at Ruhr-Universität Bochum (

Currently, I am a PhD candidate in cryptology at Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB).

My main research subjects are Fully Homomorphic Encryption, Lattice-based Cryptology, Deep Neural Networks, and more general Cloud Computing.
I graduated from TU Wien in mathematics, then in November 2015 became a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Research Fellow as part of the ECRYPT-NET project.



Research Interests

  • Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE)
    [🔑] Studying FHE schemes, primitives they build upon & their applications
    [🔑] Defining minimal requirements for practical FHE usage, e.g., in Cloud-Computation
    [🔑] Studying functionality limits and practicality of FHE based solutions for various use-cases
  • The Subset-Sum Problems (SSP), Learning With Errors (LWE)
    [🔑] Probabilistic methods to solve hardest instances
    [🔑] Investigating algorithmic lower-bounds from a complexity theoretic perspective
    [🔑] How many items optimally fill my knapsack?
  • Easy to use online privacy tools in digital everyday life
    [🔑] Deploying best practices in times of ubiquitous tracking and profiling
    [🔑] Real-world solutions for artificial intelligence classification on encrypted images & data
    [🔑] Discussing the impact of crypto-technology on the (unheeding?) society

  • Code



    You’re very welcome to send an (encrypted) E-mail: to me. Please use my PGP-Key below and have a look at the surprisingly easy HowTo’s for Thunderbird, Webmail, M$ Outlook users to send messages, that are for my pair of eyes only – regardless whether the content is highly confidential or not. You could also use the convenient webservice to reach me.

    PGP Fingerprint

    Key-Type Key-ID User-ID Fingerprint
    GnuPG/PGP 0x5A44531D Matthias Minihold 8BF9 338E 4064 C10F C62A 5B92 CAF9 B773 5A44 531D

    Here are two more alternative encodings to verify the fingerprint (e.g. on a mobile device).

  • Scan the QR-Code
    8BF9 338E 4064 C10F C62A 5B92 CAF9 B773 5A44 531D
  • and compare with the according PGP Word List of the above fingerprint byte sequence:
    obtuse Waterloo chisel microwave crackdown getaway snapline atmosphere southward chambermaid
    erase misnomer spellbind Waterloo seabird hurricane enlist designing dwelling breakaway

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